Swedish midsummer

Posted on 10/13/2016 10:14:47 PM

Swedish midsummer

Swedish midsummer is a tradition where people celebrate the longest (sunlight wise) day of the year. Swedish midsummer normally takes place between 19th and 25th of June and is always celebrate on a Friday. 

Traditional midsummer celebration starts off mid day and larger groups of people gather to dance around the pole. People spend the day often in the country side with dancing around a pole dressed up with flowers. Children are in focus and the dances is the “små grodorna” (=small frogs) and are danced together. After the dance there is a lunch with a lot of traditional Swedish food like hearing, eggs, potatoes, salmon among other dishes. A lot of people get drunk during the evening and this is known as one of the worst evenings in Sweden with a lot of work for law enforcement.

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