Swedish rotten herring

Posted on 10/15/2016 5:13:01 PM

Swedish rotten herring

Swedish rotten herring (or ”Surströmming”) is herring that is preserved through fermentation. The fish is put in open caskets together with salt and the fermentation begins. After that, the fishes are put in metal buckets and distributed to customers around the Nordics.

The fish smells intense and most people open the cans under water to avoid get stains from opening and to keep smell away.

The herring is produced in industrial scale along the northern coast of Sweden and are traditionally not sold until the third Thursday in august. Up until 1998, this was regulated in the law to secure that the rotting process was mature enough, but now days you can find rotten herring around the year.

The fish has a strong taste of salt and smells strong (rotten). It is traditionally consumed with bread, potatoes and union. Swedish people drink beer and schnapps to the fish.

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